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The Avalon 20 tanning bed is a 15 minute tanning system with Pacifica blue finished chassis and a head-to-toe total comfort cooling system. This is a deluxe tanning bed with 2400 watts of power – with 20 tanning lamps, great for in home use or commercial, even upscale tanning salon use. Like all ESB tanning systems, the Avalon 20 tanning bed utilizes ESB Green Energy technology which costs you a few pennies per tanning session. Experience up to 1,000 hours or 20 years of total tanning lamp life.



Would you like to get a golden bronze tan in the comfort of your own home? Tired of having to spend time and money going to the tanning salon and hoping that the bed you are using has been cleaned properly?  Well the Avalon 20 home tanning bed from ESB is affordable, runs on 110 volt power and is easy to assemble in virtually any room in the home. This "Ultimate Tanning Machine" uses revolutionary lamps that not only have reflectors in the bed, but there are also reflectors built into the lamps themselves, providing up to 50% more tanning power than the typical lamp. This full body tanning system uses three different types of lamps that offer the perfect amount of UVA and UVB blend depending on which part of the body that they are designed for. Some focusing on the face, and some for the sides, body and arms. The digital timer control pad keeps track of the hours for you and is easy to use. So what are you waiting for? Lay back, relax, get your tan on and feel great about the way it makes you look and feel.




  • Total Number of Lamps: 20
  • 6 Sunergy Swirl Facial Reflector Lamps
  • 8 Sunergy Swirl Arm Reflector Lamps
  • 6 Sunergy Select Body Reflector Lamps
  • Specifications: 120 Volts
  • Style: Silver Pearl with Silver Trim
  • Built in Lamp Reflector: Yes
  • High Gloss Reflector: Yes
  • Premium Acrylics: 2
  • 15 Minute Timer System: Digital
  • Care Kit - UV Eye Wear
  • Required Voltage: 120V - Dedicated
  • Receptacle: NEMA 5-20R

ESB Avalon 20 Tanning Bed

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