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The Most Powerful Tanning System! Home Tanning Booth at a great value. Every Oasis Series 36 / 120 volt Lamp Home Bronzing Booth is equipped with the New " Advantage PWR I Reflector Bronzing Lamp Technology. The Advantage PWR Bronzing Reflector Lamps designed by ESB, provide a balanced blend of UV photon rays which we minimized the potential photo aging / wrinkling effects often caused by excessive UV / Sun exposure. With Advantage PWR Technology we also increased the bronzing rays which provides a natural bronzed look or sun kissed glow. Advantage Lamps with built-in lamp reflectors offers up to 70% more focused power than non-reflector lamps and performs up to 1200 hours of lamp life. All Oasis Home Bronzing Booths offer 10-minute maximum bronzing sessions.

 Did You Know that Moderate Sun Exposure Stimulates Vitamin D Production? Our Advantage PWR Technology like the sun offers the same positive effects of Vitamin D stimulation. Vitamin D produced by moderate exposure to Sun / UV rays has been found to be extremely important to multiple metabolic processes. This provides us with a natural source for Healthier: Bones, Muscles, Mind, Cells and Heart.

Oasis 36 Stand-Up Tanning Booth

    • Specifications: OA36 - 120 Volts
    • Style: Black
    • Lamps: 36
    • Lamp Type:Advantage PWR I
    • Lamp Reflector: 220 Degree
    • High Gloss Reflectors: Pentamax
    • 10 Minute Timer System: Digital
    • Goggles UV
    • Required Voltage: 120V Dedicated - 20 AMP Breaker
    • Standard 3 prong Outlet
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