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The benefits and features of this powerful tanning bed are quite numerous. First, prepare for a luxurious tanning experience that focuses on traditional trouble areas with the Solar Storm 24R with Face   Tanning Lamps from Solar Storm Tanning Beds! This model offers 12 SunFusion high-output lamps over the face and arms, each designed specifically to cover these trouble areas. Regular tanning beds fail to penetrate the natural valleys, contours and lines of the skin in these areas. These special lamps will erase the inconsistent tan lines or swirls on the face and arms that come with classic tanning beds! Second, the standard features are incredible, which include 12 standard Wolff bronzing lamps that will leave your skin a healthy hue. Third, these are the most advanced and efficient tanning beds possible. A leader in the tanning bed industry, Solar Storm loaded this model with digital controls, cutting-edge technology (see below) and other features designed to reduce energy consumption, such as the economic high-gloss aluminum reflectors and efficient electronic ballasts.

Solar Storm 24R - 220V Tanning Bed

    • Timer: 20 Minutes
    • Made In The U.S.A.
    • Bed Model # SS-24R
    • Needs to be hardwired to box.
    • Wolff High Output Lamps: 12
    • SunFusion High Output Face Lamps: 6
    • SunFusion High Output Face & Arm Lamps: 6
    • Three Colors (Drop-Down Menu): Black (Standard), Red & Silver
    • Improved Efficiency & Results: High-Gloss Aluminum Reflectors
    • Save Money With Efficient Fulham Electronic Ballasts: 40% Less Energy
    • NOTE: No longer comes with the bottom side skirt pieces as shown in main image. Now features front bottom skirt only.
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