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The Solaris 442 tanning bed is a 42 lamp, 15 minute tanning bed that offers intense tanning power with the S2 Advanced Technology system. The all-metal Solaris 442 tanning bed features 42 lamps for a beautiful, longer-lasting golden tan. Plus, the Xtreme Reflection™ facial tanners will give your customers the dark, golden tan they expect from the Solaris tanning bed. 


42 x 100 watt lamps
Canopy: 26 x 100 watt reflector lamps
Bench: 16 x 100 watt lamps
Facials: 3 x 400 watt lamps


15 Minute session time
7 Foot tanning surface
All metal construction


Hinge acrylic system
Slide out utility drawer
Digital timer
Hour meter located in bench
T Max compatible


220 Volt dedicated circuit
40 AMP breaker
May require Buck Booster

Solaris 442

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