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The SunStar® 432 has given tanners a new meaning to the word “tan.” With the 160 watt Wolff® system lamps in the canopy, the optional Xtreme Reflection™ facials and body cooling system, tanners across the nation are requesting this bed for their quick 12 minute tanning sessions. 


32 Body Lamps
Canopy: 16 x 160 watt reflector lamps
Bench: 16 x 100 watt lamps
Facial #3 400 Watt


12 Minute session time
7 Foot curved tanning surface


Hinged acrylic system
Slide out utility drawer
Digital Timer
Hour meter located in utility tray
T Max compatible


Variable speed body cooling system


220 Volt dedicated circuit
40 AMP circuit breaker for 432 3F
May require Buck Booster

Sunstar 432 #3 Face

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