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 Sick and tired of travelling and paying to use a tanning salon? Obtain an elite-level tan and tanning experience in your home with the Sunvision 28LE-2F by Sunvision and Wolff System. 28 body lamps from Wolff System are loaded into this masterpiece, with two extra facial lamps for added bronzing effects. These two special 400 watt lamps will eliminate the inconsistent tanning that occurs around the face due to the extra contours and wrinkles. Achieve the tan of your dreams in the comfort of your home! In addition to the professional tan, you gain a luxurious experience rarely found outside of only the most exclusive tanning salons. This is achieved through the extras and special features loaded into this model without additional cost. These include a digital timer that is accurate, a larger-than-normal tanning surface and a Superflow internal cooling system for a relaxing tan devoid of heat! So if you wish for a commercial-level tanning experience in the comforts of your own home, then you must consider the Sunvision 28LE-2F by Sunvision.

Sunvision 28LE-2F Commercial Tanning Bed

    • Bio-Tech Tunnel Design
    • 20-Minute Session Timer
    • Aluminum & Steel Mainframe
    • Delivered 95% Pre-Assembled
    • Wide, Curved 7' Tanning Surface
    • High-Impact EnduraPlus Exterior
    • Quick-Clip Acrylic Removal System
    • Superflow Internal Cooling System
    • Advanced After Tan Cooling System
    • Exclusively Designed Acrylic Sheets
    • High-Tech Digital Timer - Built-In Hour Meter
    • 28 Body Lamps & Two Facial Lamps (See Below)
    • Digital Security Timer - Monitors Regular Timer For Precise Session Times
    • Color: Charcoal (Not Pictured)
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